nomadiCasita Tiny House For Sale

We've called our house "nomadiCasita", a combination of Nomadic and Casita.

Casita is Spanish for Tiny House, and Nomadic recalls how it's designed to let you travel the country, stopping in different places for a day, a week, or a year at a time.

This one-of-a-kind house is NOAH-certified and built by the innovative design-build firm Carbon Vudu in Phoenix, AZ. It's designed for travel and to easily "boondock", live for periods of time without connection to electricity or water.

A main-level California king Murphy bed in the slideout section lets you relax and stretch out wherever you travel. You can lie down and watch the large-screen projection TV while the 12,000 BTU mini-split heater/air conditioner keeps you comfortable no matter the weather.

The kitchen is compact, efficient, and flexible. Dual propane burners and a standard refrigerator let you keep food fresh and prepare good home-cooked meals while traveling. The 50-gallon fresh water tank means you don't always have to hook up to water when you stop for the night. Eight powerful solar panels and three large lithium batteries provide enough power for all your household needs.

But the best part is the built-in 8 by 10 foot screened porch! A wonderful outdoor living area, you can set up tables there to cook and eat outside, or just relax. The porch doubles as secure storage space for vehicles when traveling. It's designed to carry a Smart car (sold separately!), and can easily accommodate other small cars, a "side-by-side" ATV, or a pair of motorcycles. Over the porch is a spacious weatherproof "attic" area easily accessed with a stepladder.

Back Porch

8 x 10 foot screened in back porch with weatherproof lighting and electrical outlets. Water and power connections are available on the porch for a mini washer. Back porch doubles as a "toy hauler" to let you carry a small car or motorcycles. Built-in ramps let you drive the vehicle(s) onto the porch. Heavy-duty ratchet straps fasten the vehicles to the porch for travel. Lots of weatherproof storage in a 4 foot by 8 foot "attic" area above the porch.

A view of our back porch


Laminated bamboo countertop. Large kitchen sink doubles as a utility sink. Two-burner propane cooktop designed for large pots. Standard 11 1/2 cubic foot electric refrigerator/freezer. Kitchen pantry and overhead shelves for food storage. Extra storage under counter, refrigerator, and stovetop.

A view of our kitchen

Living Area

10 foot ceiling gives a very spacious feeling. Numerous shelves for storage, with flip-up edges for traveling. California king size Murphy bed on the main level in the slide-out section. When the bed tips up, it reveals an 18" by 6 foot bench/table with built-in storage. Slide-out section adds another 30" of width in the main living area when parked. Projection TV and large screen (80" diagonal) lets you watch TV from the bed. Dimmable LED living room and kitchen lighting lets you adjust the light to suit. French doors with tall glass windows give an open feeling. Curtains are used instead of cabinet doors and wooden partitions. The curtains save weight, dampen noise, and give a more spacious feeling. Dual 20-pound propane tanks. 50-gallon fresh water tank. 6-gallon propane water heater. 3 gallon-per-minute water pump. 50-gallon "grey water" tank for sink drain water. Two ventilation fans to remove excess moisture. Nature's Head composting toilet. 4 foot by 7 foot loft area for extra sleeping or storage, accessed with a ladder. Loft area is designed for a twin mattress. Loft has its own electrical outlets and USB charging station. 12,000 BTU Pioneer mini-split heater/air conditioner.

A view of the living area with the bed up

Upper Level

Office/changing room area, 8 x 8 feet. Full height room, with a maximum ceiling height 6' 3" (slopes gently to the front). 16" deep desk runs the width of the front of the room. Wall space to mount a large computer monitor. Dual floor-to-ceiling curtains form a 5 foot long closet area. Closet area features dual clothes bars and a 25" wide dresser. Stairs leading to the upper level double as storage for shoes and everyday items.

A view of the desk in the upper level


Solar power system: Eight 300 Watt solar electric panels. 4800 W inverter. Three 3.8 kWh Lithium Ion batteries, 10-year warranty starting August 2021. Professional electrical wiring throughout. Ample electrical outlets, including four 4-outlet USB charging stations. USB charging stations can be switched off to save solar power. Exterior outlets for powering accessories.

A view of our solar panels

Structure, Interior, Exterior

White birch plywood ceilings. Interior walls are 3/8" plywood, painted. Exterior walls are 1/4" plywood covered by metal siding. 3 inches of closed-cell foam in the walls and ceiling give maximum insulation. Single-piece "TPE" waterproof membrane (new August 2021) covers the whole roof. Roof has integrated, sealed edge water guides to keep rain from running down the sides.


Heavy duty equipment hauling trailer, custom built for this tiny house. 34 feet long, 8 feet wide, 13 12 foot max height, with a gooseneck hitch. Three upgraded axles, 7,500 pound load per axle. Six new (September 2021) heavy-duty load range "G" tires (14 ply, >4,000 pounds/tire). Trailer has electric brakes.

A view of our trailer